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Finn Comfort from James Taylor & Son

High quality comfort footwear with removable insoles

James Taylor & Son are the main UK suppliers of Finn Comfort Shoes. Made in Germany, they are a range of ready-made, very high quality footwear that offers world-class comfort and an anatomically correct fit. They are one of the few types of shoe that we, as orthopaedic experts, are happy to recommend if you cannot afford a fully bespoke shoe. The soles are shock absorbent and they keep the foot well supported while leaving the toes free and unrestricted.

Each shoe is supplied with two interchangeable insoles: The Reflex Zone Massage Footbed and the Super Comfort Footbed. Better still, they can be supplied with our fully custom insoles, designed around your exact foot shape to provide complete comfort and support.

We have a comprehensive online ordering capability with a range of around 100 styles to choose from. All Finn Comfort shoes and sandals can be supplied with our custom insoles, and these can also be ordered online from this site.

Women’s Shoes Women's Boots Women's Clogs, Sandals and Slippers

Finn Comfort
Women’s Shoes
From £144.00 

Finn Comfort
Women's Boots
From £169.00

Finn Comfort
Women's Clogs, Sandals & Slippers
From £109.00

Men's Shoes Men's Boots Men's Clogs, Sandals and Slippers

Finn Comfort
Men's Shoes
From £149.00

Finn Comfort
Men's Boots
From £219.00

Finn Comfort
Men's Clogs, Sandals & Slippers
From £119.00

Hiking Boots Finnamic  

Finn Comfort
Hiking Boots
From £189.00

Finn Comfort
From £119.00


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