In 1857, in the time of Florence Nightingale's transformation of healthcare, James Taylor walked to London from his home in Norfolk to start a business in the fashionable Great Portland Street. By the late 19th century James Taylor had established a reputation for making classic shoes that not only looked beautiful, but were incredibly comfortable to wear.

Customers at that time included much of the Royalty of the countries of Europe as well as the Principals of the then newly established department stores in Oxford Street.

The firm was later run by his son, and then two grandsons until 1950 when the company merged with the Orthopaedic Footwear Company Limited under the directorship of Hannes Leo Schweiger. In 1954 the company moved to its current location in Paddington Street, conveniently located near Baker Street tube station.

The craftsmanship and tradition which made the James Taylor name famous continues today. And thanks to a major investment in technology and expertise by its current owner and managing director, Steve Robinson, our 19th century tradition has been enhanced by a 21st century approach to fit, design and customer service.

James Taylor and Son - bespoke shoemakers
James Taylor
James Taylor and Son - bespoke shoemakers
Steve Robinson

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