When it is not feasible to travel to our fitting centres or to have a home visit, then self-measurement is an excellent alternative that has no disadvantage in terms of the quality of the final result.

Customers using our self-measurement service are supplied with a self-measurement pack, including a medical-grade foam impression box, soft tape measure and a clear set of instructions.  It is a very simple process and, together with some photographs, provides us with all the information we need to make the first version of your bespoke lasts.

All shoes made through self-measurement are designed using our state-of-the-art CAD system.  Those designs are exhaustively tested using re-cyclable plastic test shoes and simple leather mock-ups that can be worn in the home. This comprehensive fit process allows us to accurately assess our work before committing to the making of your final pair.

All our bespoke shoes and boots made through the self-measurement and/or self-assessment process carry the same total guarantee of fit accuracy and quality as those made through our conventional shop measurements and fittings.  You can be absolutely certain that the end result will be exactly right, both in terms of fit and style.

For further details you are welcome to contact us at post@taylormadeshoes.co.uk or call 0207 935 4149.