Vass Budapest oxford
Vass Theresianer boots blue

The Vass Made to Order (MTO) service allows you to create a beautiful pair of hand-made shoes that are totally unique to you.

Last shape

Vass makes their shoes on 9 different last shapes.  Each last has its own particular characteristics.  For example the “Peter” last is designed for width and comfort.  By contrast the the “U” last is for a narrower foot and is more concerned with elegance.

At our Marylebone shoe you can see and try-on shoes made on each of the different last shapes to find the one that gives you the best balance of fit and style.  And if you cannot achieve the comfort or fit that you require using the standard last shapes you can commission exactly the style you want using our bespoke shoemaking service


Virtually all the Vass shoe styles are available as part of the MTO service.  There are many dozens of beautiful classic shoe styles to choose from, ranging from formal oxfords to penny loafers and slippers.


Vass makes its shoes from the best quality leather on the market.  You can choose from an enormous range of box calf, scotch grain, suede and cordovan skins in every conceivable colour.  And, of course, with the MTO service you can mix and match different colour and texture combinations to achieve exactly the pair of shoes you want to wear.


A key aspect of any high quality pair of handmade shoes is the sole.  All Vass shoes feature hand-stitched soling and you can choose from a wide range of classic leather styles including double soles and bevelled waists.  You can also choose more rugged rubber soling options like Dainite and Vibram.

For more information on the Vass Made to Order service please contact us on 0207 935 4149, email or drop into our shop in Marylebone to have a chat with one of our shoemakers.