James Taylor & Son employs the most advanced and thorough fitting process of any shoemaker for our classic bespoke shoes.   We use a unique combination of technology and craftsmanship to make certain that your bespoke footwear will be exactly right for your feet, both in terms of its fit and style.

Most of our bespoke shoe customers visit our shop in Marylebone for their initial assessment and subsequent fittings. We also have a national network of fitting centres where we can meet you for fittings and, by arrangement, your first assessment and scan using our mobile 3D foot scanning system.

If you are completely unable to travel we are also happy to offer you a home visit service.


Assessing your foot

The first step is to ensure that we fully understand your foot condition and what you want from your shoes.  It may be that you have entirely normal feet and simply want a fine pair of bespoke shoes or boots.  Alternatively, you may suffer from one of a range of foot problems that require a proper assessment. Here at James Taylor & Son we have orthopaedic footwear specialists with many years of experience in dealing with all kinds of orthopaedic and medical foot problems.  We also work with other specialists, including your own clinician, to ensure we have a full understanding of your needs.

Choosing a style

We have a wide range of shoe and boot styles that you can see in our shop, and we will advise you on which of those would be most suitable for your feet. We have a range of standard classic men’s and ladies' styles that we display in our shop in Marylebone.  We can also make shoes and boots to any design, based on samples, photographs or your own drawings and ideas. And, of course, we can make your footwear in any colours and materials you wish.

Measuring your feet

All foot measurements are handled using our world-leading 3D foot scanning system.  You simply sit on the device, and we scan each foot in turn to create a precise, full colour digital cast.  It is quick, pleasant and a completely safe photographic process.

Making your bespoke lasts

Our last makers use a specialist CAD system to transform the digital cast of your feet into a pair of uniquely bespoke lasts.  They are designed to meet the fit tolerances and any corrective needs that our specialists recommend, while ensuring that the shape remains attractive and correct for the shoe style you have chosen.  They are then milled in beech and hand-finished to produce a unique pair of production lasts for your shoes.

The trial fitting

Our standard bespoke service includes three trial fittings, to test the accuracy of the lasts and upper patterns before we commit to making the final shoes.  It is the most thorough process in the industry and ensures that we get the fit and design exactly right.  For existing customers there are fewer fittings, because we already have a proven pair of lasts.

The finished shoes

After the fittings we complete the making of your bespoke footwear, including any alterations that were needed..  All of the manufacturing techniques we use in this process are the same as they were 150 years ago - leather cutting, hand stitching and closing, Goodyear welting and hand finishing. The results are guaranteed - a beautifully made and perfectly fitting pair of shoes.

So, if you want to find out more about we can help you and your feet, please call our specialist team today on 0207 935 4149, or alternatively email us.