Classic shoes to accommodate custom orthotics and supports

James Taylor & Son Classic Comfort shoes and boots combine timeless classic designs and beautiful construction with the unique capacity to accommodate custom orthotics and built-in orthotic supports.

We have found that many customers have a need for the therapeutic benefits of custom orthotics but cannot find smart footwear to accommodate them.  And forcing feet into shoes where there is insufficient space often negates any advantage of the orthotics and can easily do more harm than good.

Of course the perfect solution is a pair of bespoke shoes that have the orthotic features or custom insoles built-into the design. But these are inevitably expensive and not everyone has the budget for a fully bespoke solution.

That is why we have introduced our Classic Comfort range.  These shoes are made to classic English standards and styles, but they are more affordable and they are all made on slightly extra-depth lasts which means that they offer sufficient space for  custom three-quarter length orthotics.  So you can enjoy the benefit of fully custom insoles while wearing classic formal footwear in real comfort.

For customers whose feet are fuller than normal, and where a three-quarter length orthotic would take up too much space, we  offer a design service to build orthotic features directly into the shoe itself.  Built-in orthotic supports can include arch supports, met pads and other features that can offer all the therapeutic benefits you require.

You can purchase James Taylor & Son Classic Comfort shoes to accommodate your existing three-quarter length insoles.  Alternatively we can design and make you a pair of custom insoles to your exact requirements and supply them directly with the shoes.

If you would like to use our use our custom orthotic service you can either arrange to visit our shop in Marylebone, London or you can purchase our orthotics design service online.


Classic Ready-to-wear for Men

Classic Ready-to-wear for Women