The James Taylor & Son orthopaedic shoemaking service

James Taylor & Son has a worldwide reputation for making high quality bespoke orthopaedic shoes and boots for people with foot problems.  The medical conditions we regularly deal with include diabetes, arthritis, polio and osteoporosis, as well as the consequences of accidents and injuries.  We employ a team of specialist orthopaedic shoemakers to ensure you get the best possible medical advice and support.

Our orthopaedic shoemaking service is internationally recognised as one of the most advanced in the world.  It includes the use of a state-of-the-art 3D foot scanner to capture a perfect digital cast of your feet and the most powerful CAD/CAM technology in the industry to design your bespoke lasts and upper patterns.  Our technology and orthopaedic expertise means that you can be absolutely confident of the highest level of accuracy in the fit and design of your footwear.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are completely unable to travel we are also happy to offer you a Home Visit or our new Online Ordering and Fitting Service.

Our Express Orthopaedic shoemaking service

This is an optional specialist service that can be designed around your clinical needs.  We can have your first fitting ready within a week and the final footwear can be completed in as little as 2-3 weeks from the date of your order with a full guarantee of fit and a comprehensive ongoing care service.  This service is designed around each individual customers needs and is agreed in advance of their order.

A huge range of orthopaedic shoe styles

As well as accuracy and speed, we also offer a huge range of shoe styles that are suitable for all types of foot condition.  Our catalogues contain hundreds of different designs, all of which are practical for most foot conditions.  Many are also genuinely fashionable and very attractive, plus there is an extensive range of leathers and soling materials to choose from.

Our guarantee to you

We absolutely guarantee that our orthopaedic footwear will meet the highest possible standards of fit, style and workmanship. Our unique combination of expertise and technology delivers an orthopaedic service that is supportive, friendly and efficient.  It is guaranteed to give you a pair of shoes that are as attractive and comfortable as is technically possible, and we will support you in the long term to ensure that your comfort continues throughout the lifetime of the shoes.

For further information on our casual and orthopaedic footwear please call us on 0207 935 4149 or email us.