The James Taylor & Son orthopaedic shoemaking service

James Taylor & Son is the UK's leading manufacturer of high quality, fully bespoke orthopaedic shoes and boots.  We can handle any type of foot problem and the medical conditions we regularly deal with include diabetes, arthritis, polio, bunions and osteoporosis, as well as the consequences of accidents and injuries.

Our orthopaedic shoemaking service is the most technologically advanced in the world.  It includes the world's leading 3D foot scanning system to capture a perfect digital cast of your feet and the most powerful CAD/CAM software in the industry to design your bespoke lasts and upper patterns.  Our technology and unrivalled orthopaedic expertise means that you can be absolutely confident of the highest level of accuracy in the fit and design of your footwear.

An orthopaedic shoemaking service based on clinical need

The styles, materials, timeframes and fitting processes used by James Taylor & Son are based entirely on your individual clinical needs.  For urgent needs we can make you a complete, perfectly fitted pair of orthopaedic shoes or boots within a matter of weeks, including the making of fully bespoke lasts and the provision of detailed test fittings.

We can also build our shoemaking service around your individual schedules and timeframes and co-ordinate our work with that of your own clinicians and medical care plan.  Our service is highly flexible and centered wholly around your particular requirements.

High quality and attractive footwear

We can offer a wide range of shoe styles that are suitable for all types of foot condition and we will always aim to make your shoes and boots as attractive as possible.  We also use the highest quality leathers and soling materials and we have a huge range for you to choose from.

A long term supportive relationship

The James Taylor & Son orthopaedic shoemaking service continues well beyond the supply of your first pair of shoes or boots.  We offer you a long term partnership to ensure that your footwear continues to be comfortable and supportive and we are always happy to make any adjustments where needed.

Our footwear is made with the highest quality materials and is designed to be full repairable, so you can expect them to give you many, many years of service.  Of course, we will always be delighted to make you further pairs if you need them.

How to order

You can access our orthopaedic shoemaking service by making an appointment to visit our Marylebone shop or at any of our National Fitting Centres.  If you are unable to travel you can also arrange a Home Visit or use our Online Ordering and Fitting Service.

To order bespoke orthopaedic footwear, arrange a free consultation or obtain further information on our services please call us on 0207 935 4149 or email us at