Behind the scenes at James Taylor & Son…..

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The Marylebone Journal has just published a fascinating profile of our firm.It has been written by a leading journalist and it describes the background and history of one of the last West End bespoke shoemakers. It also explains the changes … Read More

Article from The Guardian

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Sole survivorClients ranging from Saudi princes to NHS patients have trodden a path to shoemaker Peter Schweiger’s door. But feet are nothing if not great levellers, he tells Chris Arnot.The call came from a member of Crown Prince Abdullah’s procurement … Read More

Article from ‘Bown’s Bespoke’

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One of the real delights of having a pair of bespoke shoes made is the possibility of having exactly what one wants. Gone are all thoughts of having to ‘make do’. Compromise can be banished. Sartorial perfection can be pursued … Read More

Technology and tradition…..

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We have now installed the world’s leading 3D foot scanning system in our shop at 4 Paddington Street, together with the most advanced CAD/CAM software for shoe last design. The FotoScan 3D foot scanner is a fantastic piece of British … Read More

150th anniversary

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James Taylor & Son. CENTENARY 1957 marked the centenary of the founding of James Taylor & Son makers of hand sewn shoes of the highest class and experts at semi-surgical and orthopaedic footwear. Until 1952 at 82 Great Portland Street, … Read More