Comfortable footwear designed for custom insoles/orthotics


James Taylor & Son are the main UK importers of Finn Comfort Shoes. Originally designed in Finland and now made in Germany, Finn Comfort shoes and sandals are a range of ready made, high quality footwear that offers world-class comfort and an anatomically correct fit. They are one of the few types of shoe that we, as orthopaedic experts, are happy to recommend if you cannot afford a fully bespoke shoe.

All Finn Comfort shoes can fully accommodate a custom insole or orthotic.  This is hugely valuable as most shoes do not have the spare space and for custom insoles to be effective they need to be fitted in shoes with enough room for both the insole and your foot.  In addition each shoe is supplied with two interchangeable standard insoles: The Reflex Zone Massage Footbed and the Super Comfort Footbed. Both can be useful from a foot health perspective where you do not currently have custom insoles.

Finn Comfort shoes have been designed for you to walk in health and comfort. The soles are shock absorbent and the shoes have efficient air circulation and they keep the foot supported while leaving the toes free and unrestricted.

We stock the Vaasa style only in a full range of sizes so that you can check the fit in our shop and purchase if you wish.  All other styles are available to order only, either over the phone, in person at our London shop, or online via the links below.

If you want custom insoles made to match your own individual requirements and to fit perfectly into the shoes, then you can order them at the same time as the shoes.

Finn Comfort for Men

Finn Comfort for Women